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                                                                                                HIGLEY WELDING
                Playground Digger
 Our sandbox digger mini backhoe has  been sold to satisfied park departments, resort owners  individual families.  Their sturdy construction outlives a childhood and can be passed down from generation to generation!
This Mini-Backhow Is Durable.  Lasts longer than any other playground digger, because it's made to!

3 Wheel Bicycle Axle Conversion Kits-Custom Made three wheeler  - Chopper Bikes

 Why spend up to $2000.00 for a special needs bicycle when you can turn any bicycle into a tricycle in 12 minutes.  
We make custom adaptive bicycle.

Large Adult Tricycles
  Maybe you never learned how to ride a chain drive bicycle? Vestibule problems?
Ideal for knee replacement  rehab. Are you a big person? This tricycle is for you.

Mild Steel Fire Pit Ring

 Fire Pits made from mild steel. Round,Hexagon,Square.Flange-No Flange. 
Free standing fire pit ring,tubs,cooking grates,wood grate,fire wood holders.

Stainless Steel Corrosion Resistant Fire Pit Ring
 Stainless Steel Campfire Rings,Inserts,Liners, Bowls,Tubs. Flange /No Flange.
Any custom size made in 7-10 days.

  Stainless Steel Fire Pit Spark Safety Screens

If you buy a fire pit spark screen made from any material or metal other than stainless steel you are throwing your money away! We use the thickest type 304 stainless steel screen that  can be formed into one half sphere. Our frames are 1-1/4" x 1/4" thick type 304 stainless steel as well. Flat stainless backup strips cover the weld tacks on the inside to keep the screen from pulling loose. I guarantee you will not find a better screen in the world.

Metal Conical Shaped Dome Fire Pit Snuff Covers

My dome top conical shaped covers are 6" tall in the center and taper down to flat. This screen dose several things. Use as a snuffer cover for the end of the night to keep all sparks inside the fire pit. This cover also keeps water,snow,debris,and animals out of the fire hole.

Tree Stump Fire PIts
We find hardwood tree stump cookies, then we bore a hole large enough for a wood or gas fire pit insert.

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